About Us

Who We Are

After spending years working for other companies, in 1979 Soon Seng decided to go into business for himself and started his very own shop: Soon Seng Heng Furniture Company. The name is simple, to the point and that simplicity and directness is still at the heart of the company’s business ethic today.

When it first opened, the Soon Seng Heng Furniture Company was a simple furniture company. Soon Seng sold mattresses, cupboards and other types of furniture right off the shelf. After a couple of years of this, however, Soon Seng started specializing in custom made sofas for individual buyers. He did this for a long time but business began to fade when the “big box” stores started making their way into the area. Always one to adapt, Soon Seng started offering reupholstering services. Reupholstering is still one of the corner stones of the Soon Seng Heng Furniture Company today.

The business has always been family oriented. In the beginning Soon Seng and his wife did everything themselves. Then, as time went on and the business grew, more members of the family started pitching in.

Andy, being the only son of Soon Seng. After earning a degree in IT field and working in an IT firm for the better half of a decade, he realized that the best place to work is with one’s family. He has experience in engineering and sales and also wants to help this industry (which many people believe is dying) return to the thriving one it once was.

All of our other employees have at least a decade’s worth of experience in this industry. One of our own has even been working in the industry for more than a decade! That’s quite a lot of experience just waiting to be put to use on your projects!

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision is provide all our customers the BEST QUALITY PRODUCT for THE MOST AFFORDABLE PRICE coupled with EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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