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In addition to offering basic office furniture and upholstery and reuphostery services, we also specialize in drapery.

The windows are the eyes to the room. This is why drapery is so important. It can be what makes or breaks your entire room.

Drapery involves more than just curtains and blinds. It involves the right blinds and curtains. The type of drapery you need and choose is going to depend primarily upon the room that needs it. An office space, for example, may be best served with roller blinds. A home, on the other hand, is almost always in need of curtains.

When you start shopping for curtains, Singapore can feel like a confusing place. There are all sorts of places to buy them.? It can be very tempting to simply stop at the cheapest store and get the cheapest thing you can find. Why would you do that to the eyes of your room?Roller blinds



We can help you find the right dressing for your windows’ dressing that won’t just fit the window but that will fit the space. Your window dressings should be as much form as they are function, don’t you think?? Let us help you!

The blinds that we provide include Roller, Roman, Vertical , Wooden, Venetian, Shadow, Vertical sheer, Rainbows, Panel, Pleated blinds and many more!


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