Frequently Asked Questions

Sofa Reupholstery

1. How do I get a quote if I want to get my sofa/chairs reupholstered?

– Just send us a PICTURE of the old sofa or chairs to or via our contact form

– We will get back to you with a quote within 1-2 days time (less than 1 day normally).

– Please send us a full picture of the sofa/chairs like what we’ve shown in our gallery instead of just the TORN and WORN OUT areas.

2. My arm rest and some part of the sofa is torn, can you just repair those area or patch them?

– It depends on the structure on the sofa. Usually, it is not possible as the worn out area are connected through out the whole sofa.

– Material gave way after long period of abrasion, hence, it will also be more cost saving to reupholster the entire sofa than part of it.

3. Would you need an onsite assessment to give a quote?

– Not needed. We have been doing this for more than 30 years and we seldom get it wrong. A full picture will usually be good enough to give an accurate estimate.

– But of course, it will definitely help if you can provide us with more information, e.g is it a sofa bed? storage bed? extendable seat? etc

4 How do I get my sofa or chair picked up?

– At Soon Seng Heng, we are all about customer service. For larger items like Sofa, we require a small delivery fee.

– For small hand carry items like cushion covers, dining chair, etc, you can bring them down to our shop. If you are unable to do so, we can pick it up from you for a delivery fee.

5 Do you provide fabric? Can we use our own fabric?

– We do have our own range of materials.  Please check out some online catalogue at

– If you are unable to find what you like and wish to use your own fabric, you are definitely able to do so. In such cases, we will ONLY charge you for labour fee.

 6  What is the turn around time?

– About 10-14 working days upon collection. More labour intensive jobs will require a slightly longer time.

 7.Do you sub out all your jobs?

– No we don’t. All our work are done inhouse.

– We have a strong team of very experienced workers who has at least 10 years of experience in upholstery line. Our most experience guys have been with us for more than 20 years!

– Mostly, they are with local or PR.

– Check out our Team At work here >>

8 How can we select the material?

– For fabric, you would need to fix an appointment with us and drop by our showroom.

– Alternatively, you can also select a fabric from our gallery page and tell us what you like. We will bring the sample down on the day we come and pick up your sofa/chair.

– For leather material, we can bring down our catalog to show you on the day we pick up your sofa/chair

– Online catalog can be viewed here >>

9 Can you carry out the job onsite?

– As much as possible, we do not perform any job onsite as all our best tools and equipments are at our factory.

– For special cases where we are unable to bring the sofa to our factory, we will make an exception and do it onsite.

10. My sofa is peeling. Will it happen again if I reupholstered them?

– We can ensure you that it will NEVER peel again after we reupholster them.

– The materials we used are of very high quality and grade. We can assure you that it will not peel and will be longer lasting than before.

11. Do you have a showroom where I can view the jobs that you’ve done?

– We usually arrange delivery back to our customer within 2-3 days, once the upholstery job is done. During these time, feel free to come down and look at the finished work.

– Please make an appointment with us first to make sure we have something to show you.

– You can also go to our website and view our huge range of portfolios >> OR

– You can also visit our Facebook page to find out the latest jobs we have done. While you are there don’t forget to give a “LIKE” =)

12.What is partial genuine leather and full genuine leather?

Partial genuine leather means that the whole ONLY the area where human body touches will be genuine leather. The rest of the sofa will be similar color but using synthetic leather

FULL genuine leather means that the whole sofa will be covered with genuine leather.

13.What is the different between partial genuine leather and full genuine leather?

Partial genuine leather will be less durable compared to full genuine leather . Genuine leather is more hardy, therefore when they are sewed with artificial leather, the tendency of tearing on the artificial leather is higher.


Curtains & Blinds

1. How can I get a quick quote if I only wish to know how much roughly my unit will cost me?

– You can send us your floor plan or an estimated measurement on the windows size and indicate what you wish to do for each window. That will help us in furnishing an estimated quote.

2. Will your sales be coming over and give us an indicative? Do you have a sample for us to see?

– At soon seng heng, we provide a non-obligation quote to all our customers.

– An on site visit will be subjected to case by case basis.

– If we have provided a quote base on requirement and a non-obligation onsite quotation will not be valid anymore.

– A charge of $30 will be incur for consultation IF

a) A quote has been given and Onsite is still needed but deal doesn’t went through.

– Samples will be shown during appointment.

3. Any deposit I need to place upon confirmation?

– yes, a 50% of total amount is needed in term cash or cheque.

If we haven’t really answer all your queries, please do feel free to drop us any question at

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