Upholstery and Reupholstery Service

Sofa Upholstery

Sofa sampleUpholstery is the taking of an unpadded piece of furniture and adding padding to it.Most often this is done with chairs, as sitting on a hard surface can be quite painful, especially when you have to sit on it for a long time. It can also be done to other furniture as well, from footstools to headboards, and more. Don’t spend a bunch of money on a lot of new furniture, simply because you’d prefer to have it include some padding or cushioning. Let us look at it. We’ll help you get a beautiful and custom upholstered piece at a reasonable rate.

Sofa Reupholstery & Repair

We also offer reupholstery, which is where we take off any padding, covering or cushioning and replace it with something new. Don’t throw something out simply because you do not like the fabric covering it or because the cushioning is starting to lose its bounce. Bring it in to us and let us make the necessary repairs and recoverings.
You will get furniture that looks and feels new, without having to pay new-furniture prices.

Sofa/Office Upholstery

Sofa sampleIt might be tempting to simply toss out our sofa because it no longer looks good to you or because it isn’t as comfortable as it used to be. This is partly because these days most of us purchase furniture cheaply from one of the “big box” companies and it seems like simply replacing it would be more cost effective than repairing it.

At the same time, it is rare to find a company that will work with this type of furniture to help turn it into something worth keeping. Still, why go through all of the hassle of buying something new and finding something to do with the old if you don’t have to? When you look at everything involved: having to shop for the new furniture, having to get the new furniture home, sometimes having to put that new furniture together yourself and then having to find something to do with the old furniture that is being replaced… that is a lot of inconvenience to have to go through. It is a lot of inconvenience that might not be worth it. How much are you truly saving when you take this route? Are you sure that the few dollars you might save by replacing your furniture is worth more to you than the hours of time that will be spent on the process?

Repairing your furniture is definitely something you should explore. With sofa repair you get a piece of furniture that looks and feels mostly new.

Typically the older and more expensive furniture is the piece that you think of repairing. After all, if you spent thousands of dollars on a piece, you want it to stay looking brand new for as long as possible and we can help you with that.

We can help you with the cheaper furniture from the big box stores as well. While it might not be cost effective to completely rebuild the piece, we can work with its “bones” and spruce it up with new cushioning and fabric to help it look and feel new again.

We aren’t trying to make ourselves sound like miracle workers. There are some things, like repairing metal or electronically enhanced furniture – that are typically beyond our means and expertise. Still, we will work with you as much as we can to help you get what you want. If we can’t help you ourselves, we might be able to help you find someone who can!

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